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Fossil fuel

Mineral fuel - hydrocarbons, first of all coal and oil (fuel or natural gas), generated of the rests of dead factories and animals to heat up and put pressure in the Earth on hundreds millions years. The theory, that hydrocarbons have been generated from them, remains, all over again have been entered by Michael Lomonozovym in 1757. Speaking usual language, term " mineral fuel " containing hydrocarbon natural resources which are not received completely from biological sources, type of sand of pitch also includes. These last sources are properly known as mineral fuel.

Modern large-scale industrial development is based on use of mineral fuel which has substantially superseded water-operated factories just as combustion of a wood or peat for a heat. With global modernization in 20-s' and 21-s' centuries, growth in manufacture of energy from mineral fuel, especially the gasoline received from oil, is one of the reasons of the main regional and global conflicts and environmental problems. Global movement to generation energy goes therefore at full speed to help to meet the increased global needs of energy.

Burning of mineral fuel by people - the greatest source of issue of carbonic gas which is one of gases of a greenhouse which increases radiating compulsion and brings the contribution to global warming. Atmospheric concentration CO2, gas of a greenhouse, increases, having put questions, that the solar heat will be ensnared, and the average superficial temperature of the Earth will raise in the answer. The small part on the basis of hydrocarbon - biofuels, received of atmospheric carbonic gas, and thus does not increase pure quantity of carbonic gas in an atmosphere.

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Fossil Fuels
fossil fuels
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