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Geothermal power

The geothermal authority - use of a geothermal heat to make an electricity. Geothermal power supplies of 0.416 % of the world energy. Geothermal arrives from the Greek words geo, meaning the ground, and therme, meaning a heat. Prince Pero Dzhnori Konti has checked up the first geothermal power station on July, 4th 1904, in Larderello dry steam area in Italy.

If the heat returned by thermal pumps of a source of the basis is included, not electric capacity of manufacture of geothermal energy is estimated in more than 100 gas chinks and used commercially in more than 70 countries.

During 2005, contracts have been placed for additional 0.5 gas chinks of capacity in the United States while there were also factories in work in other 11 countries.

Estimations of international geothermal resources of energy suitable for use change considerably. According to 1999 research, it was thought, that it could make between 65 and 138 gas chinks of electric capacity of generation ' use of the expanded technology '.

2006 message MIT which has considered use of the Expanded Geothermal Systems (EGS), has concluded, that will probably make 100 GWe or more to 2050 in the United States one, for the maximal investments of 1 billion US dollars into scientific researches more than 15 years.

The message about MIT has calculated world full resources EGS to be more than 13 000 ZJ, from which more than 200 ZJ will be taken, with potential to increase it to more than 2 000 ZJ with improvements of technology - sufficient, to provide all the world needs of energy for several millenia.

Key feature EGS - that it reaches at least 10 km downwards in a hard-fate. On a typical site to two apertures would bother also a deep rock between them broken. Water would be pumped up downwards one, and pairs another will approach. The message about MIT has estimated, that was enough energy in a hard-fate on 10 km below the United States to deliver all the world current needs within 30 000 years. There it not seems any reason why pairs should not feed existing coal, oil or the nuclear started factory of manufacture.

Training in this depth now is usual for the oil-extracting industry (Exxon has declared a 11-kilometer aperture in the field of Chayvo, Sakhalin. List Lloyds 1/5/07 p 6). Technological calls should drill wider boredom and break a rock in the great volumes. Except for the energy used to make boredom, process lets out Number gases of a greenhouse. In comparison with difficulties of development of other forms of delivery of energy (nuclear, a wind, a wave, solar, etc.) EGS, apparently, well costs support.

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