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Solar power

The solar authority (also known as a solar energy) uses a Sunlight which is let out from our sun. The solar authority an energy source, was used in many traditional technologies during many centuries, and is in widely widespread use where others of power supplies are absent, type in the remote sites and in a place.

The sunlight reaches the top atmosphere of the Earth on norm of 1366 watt in square meter (W/m2). The first card shows, how the solar energy changes on various breadthes.

At travel through an atmosphere, 6 % of an acting sunlight are reflected, and 16 % it is absorbed leading peak light on equator 1 020 W/m ?. Average atmospheric conditions (clouds, a dust) further reduce by 20 % through reflection and 3 % through absorption. Atmospheric conditions not only reduce quantity, reaching surface of the Earth but also and mention quality , distributing acting light and changing its spectrum.

The second card shows the average global light calculated from satellite data, taken away with 1991 up to 1993. For example, average at ground level for all year (including nights and the periods of cloudy weather) is in Northern America between 125 and 375 W/m (3 - 9 /m. /day). [4] It represents accessible authority, instead of the put authority. Now, photogalvanic groups typically transform approximately 15 % of a sunlight of incident to an electricity; therefore, the solar group in the adjacent United States on the average delivers 19 - 56 W/m ? or 0.45 - 1.35 /m. /day.

Dark disks in the third card on the right - an example of areas of the ground which if it is covered by 8 %-s' effective solar groups, would make little bit more energy in the form of an electricity than full world primary delivery of energy in 2003. While average and understanding of the offer of authority of potential of solar authority in regional scale, in local scale pertinent conditions have primary value to potential of the certain site.

After passage through an atmosphere of the Earth, the majority of energy of the sun is in the form of visible and Infra-red radiations. Factories use a solar energy to create chemical energy through photosynthesis. People on a regular basis use this energy burning wood or mineral fuel, or, simply eating factories.

Recent anxiety - global blackout, effect of pollution which allows smaller quantity of a sunlight to reach a surface of the Earth. It is connected with particles of pollution and global warming, and it has mainly anxiety for problems of global change of a climate, but has also anxiety to supporters of solar authority because of the existing and potential future in an accessible solar energy. The order of size - approximately 4 % is less than the solar energy accessible on a sea level on the period 1961-90, mainly from the increased reflection from clouds back in space.

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Solar Power
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