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Vegetable oil used as fuel

Many vegetable oils have similar fuel properties to diesel fuel, except for higher viscosity and lower oxidizing stability. If these distinctions can be overcome, vegetable oil can replace *2 Diesel fuels, most considerably as machine fuel or home heating up oil.

For the engines developed to burn *2 diesel fuels, viscosity of vegetable oil should be lowered to consider appropriate dispersion of fuel, differently incomplete combustion and carbon grow, finally will damage the engine. Many enthusiasts address to the vegetable oil used as fuel as unnecessary vegetable oil (WVO), if it is oil, from which refused restaurant or direct vegetable oil (SVO) to distinguish it from Biodiesel.

First known use of vegetable oil as fuel for the diesel engine was demonstration of the engine constructed by company Otto and intended to burn down mineral oil which operated on pure oil of a peanut on 1900 World fair. When Rudolf Disel has invented the diesel engine, it projected it to run on oil of a peanut after the coal dust has been adjusted to be improper as fuel, but it was soon revealed, that it will work on cheaper oil oil. In 1912 representation to the British Institute of Mechanical Engineers, it has quoted set of efforts in this area and has noticed, " the fact, that fat oil from vegetative sources can be used, can seem non-significant today, but such oil could to become probably eventually to the same importance as a little to natural mineral oil, and products of pitch - now. "

The encouraged research of periodic oil shortages in vegetable oil as diesel replacement during 30-s' and 40-s', and again in 70-s' and in the beginning of 80-s' when direct vegetable oil possessed its highest level of scientific interest. 1970 also saw formation of the first commercial enterprise to allow consumers to operate direct vegetable oil in their cars, Elsbett Germany. In 1990 conflict of Bougainville, disconnect from oil deliveries because of used coconut oil of blockade to feed their vehicles.

The academic research in direct vegetable oil has decreased sharply in 80-s' with the falling oil prices and greater interest in biodiesel as a choice which did not demand extensive updatings of a vehicle.

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