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Wind power

Authority of a wind - transformation of a wind power to more useful forms, is usual an electricity, using turbines of a wind. In the end 2006, the international capacity of the generators included by a wind was 74 223 megawatts; though it now makes only more than 1 % of international use of an electricity, it makes approximately 20 % of use of an electricity in Denmark, 9 % to Spain, and 7 % in Germany. It is global, generation of authority of a wind, more than increased twice between 2000 and 2006.

The advanced authority of a wind is made in the form of an electricity, transforming rotation of turbine edges in an electric stream by means of the electric generator. In windmills (much more the senior technology), the wind power is used to turn mechanical machines to make physical work, type of shattering grain or pump water.

The authority of a wind is used in large-scale farms of a wind for national electric just as in small individual turbines to provide an electricity to rural residences or the sites isolated by a grid.

The wind power is plentiful, widely distributed, pure, and reduces atmospheric poison and issue of gas of a greenhouse if is used to replace the electricity received by mineral fuel. Faults of a wind seldom create problems, using authority of a wind in low to reduce levels of penetration.

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Wind Turbine
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